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How I met WordPress

It appears my passion for web development isn’t so much new, as it is a continuation of my past. Growing up in the early 2000s, my childhood summers were spent surfing the web and creating basic HTML sites on Xanga with my sisters. It’s interesting how these memories and experiences seem more of connect the dot, as I take a step back to examine where I am headed today.

I discovered my love for WordPress a few years back. At the time, I was actually working towards launching, what I thought would be the latest and greatest business startup! A recent graduate, the sky was the limit! I was ready to be that entpreneur my father demonstrated and which I had closely studied over the years. I found myself going through the startup process solo; You know – the basics..  Business plan, Business Name, marketing ideas, logo, and a website. Did I mention that I am a true believer in things, experiences, and people coming into your life (at certain times) for a reason?

1% better everyday


The startup was most definitely a challenge but also an experience in disguise! I was working for a huge tech company at the time, which website hosting was available at my disposal. I started attempting to build my business website using a few different website builders. I eventually found myself stumped in this new world of “WordPress”. I have to admit, when I first starting building my website – it sucked! However, with time I was able to checkmark my website off my “to do” list.

The bad news in all this, my startup failed. Miserably. Perhaps I didn’t work smart enough, have the correct resources in line, or maybe it wasn’t my true purpose and passion. Whatever the case, I didn’t forget about WordPress. Actually, I couldn’t get enough of it – I began looking for opportunities to build WordPress websites for anyone and everyone I knew that needed a website! I knew that with practice, I would learn and get better. I discovered WordCamp and even found several local WordPress meetups in Phoenix! Hacks, best practices, and different ways to express creativity, while building and/or representing an existing brand. This is what excites me, this is my expertise.

I share this journey with you, as you may have similar goals and aspirations. My message to you is to continue being relentless, find a niche and give it your 100%! My experiences so far have led me here. I hope this website serves you valuable resources to help launch, grow, and maintain your Business and/or WordPress site. Your success is also mine in return – Let’s work!