Start your WordPress website with a vision!

Now that you’ve picked out that great theme for your WordPress site, let’s get started on the basics!

I always recommend starting any web design with a vision. What message will your website give your visitors? How will you keep them clicking through your website? This is relevant to something known as, “User Experience/UX” – The flow of your website.

Aesthetically speaking, you should also consider or have some type of idea on the following: What fonts are used (headings, sub-headings, body, footer text, etc) , color palette or theme colors, logos, and “genre” of images/content you use.

Now, with all this customization – don’t go overboard! It’s always a best practice to check out some websites that are in similar market or industry to get a feel for what your competitors are doing online! What do you like/dislike about these website(s)? Write these things down for later reference.

Once you a good vision on the above basic elements – get out a piece of paper and draw exactly what you envision for your website. A quick rough draft, however – feel free to get as detailed as you need! The more detailed, the better! This is your blueprint.

I learned the importance of this, when I started getting serious about web design. I worked for a client, in which I spent several hours working on a design that he ended up hating. He emails me over a photo he had taken of a blueprint he constructed, by hand! Several pieces of construction paper taped together with cut out words for headers and titles. Genius. In this experience, the customer taught me something important! Now, I share with you.

Blueprints are your friend and will save you significant time! Sketch it out on paper for your visual! No work should ever begin without one.



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