Premium themes versus Free WordPress themes – What’s the difference ?

Starting with your first WordPress website, you are going to quickly realize – there is so much customization and possibilities with your web design!

When it comes to themes, you may find yourself searching and searching for days – endless amounts of variations. What’s a free theme? What’s a premium theme? Why should you buy a theme if there are free themes? These are all reasonable questions. I know for me, when I first started using WordPress I found the themes very confusing! How the heck do you edit these things ?!

Lucky for you, this article will give you some insight on WordPress themes! By the end of reading , you will hopefully have confidence to make better websites by simply knowing what’s out there ! free themes

Ok, these are the themes you will find available Immediately upon setting up a hosting account and accessing your WordPress dashboard.

These themes are good for both beginners + advanced WordPress users who are not wanting to spend money on a WordPress theme. You can easily get started, most of the themes allow you to edit most things – such as text, images, icons, etc. However, please also keep this in mind. Some elements are not editable with these free versions, you will see an upgrade option. This is where the premium themes come into play.

Premium themes

Premium themes have advanced features, functionality. There are actually people who make a living off developing WordPress themes for the world to use! Remember, WordPress is open source. With that said, you can find some of the most unique, responsive, professional themes on WordPress theme marketplaces. Some of the most popular ones are , envatomarket,com, and

Premium themes typically have everything preloaded for you to use in terms of the plugins, fonts, stock images, layouts, colors, etc. You can also import the theme and edit , by going through the demo content export – which doesn’t always come with the theme! So make sure to check before purchasing 🙂



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