Organizing your pages for your WordPress site

It’s time to start building each page of your website! If you’ve gotten this far, you should already have your outline or blueprint ready for each page.

Let’s get started :

Start on your WordPress dashboard
Locate Pages

The following page should list the default pages,

All themes always have the Sample page, which should be listed.

You should also see an option to Add page

To save you time and confusion on pages, let’s go ahead and create each page now. This will help you organize later!

Let’s start with your Home page, go ahead and type the title of your page – you can label it “home” or whatever you’d like to label it as.

Once you have this page titled, to the right panel you will see the option to Publish

After you have it published, go back to left panel – pages

If you created the page correctly you should now see it listed now – alongside the default Sample Page

Should look a little something like this :

Continue, repeating exact same steps for all your pages until you see them all listed in pages.

When you are done setting and organizing your pages – You are now ready to start editing each page, one by one! Important side note for later – don’t forget to set each of these pages to your main menu. The menu or “navigation menu” is what you see at the top of each website. This helps visitors find specific information easily.



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